Ghost, 16/3/17

Nothing seemed to matter anymore.

It was easy not to care when you had no friends.

When nobody seemed to see you.

She floated around the college campus, and no one gave her a second glance.

She bumped into people, and no one even apologized.

As she sat outside on the library lawn, she looked down at her arms. So pale, nearly grey, in the persistent midday sun. Almost as if she was fading away.

She went to pick herself up, and made her way to her next class.

As she passed by the law building, an overly loud, familiar laugh made her stop.

With it came a sudden, unexpected fear. Her legs buckled, and she clutched at her throat, feeling invisible hands there, choking, tighter and tighter, unrelenting.

And then, only moments later, the invisible hands were gone.

She took a long, rattling breath.

Where on earth had she heard that laughter before, and why had it triggered such intense fear?

She couldn’t even stand properly, let alone think straight.

As she suspected, no one had even noticed her little outburst on the college walkway.

It was as if she wasn’t even there.


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