Sushi, 6/3/17

“You want soy sauce with that?”

Her server stood with his fingers poised over the tiny plastic fishes, a perfectly rehearsed grin both hiding and hinting at the tiredness beneath.

“Yes please, and extra, if you can spare it,” she returned. “Please,” she tacked on, as an afterthought.


“What? Oh no, I’m too white for that,” she said, immediately regretting the slip of tongue.

The boy serving her stopped, as if startled, but then his fake grin changed ever so slightly, his eyes glinting, and then, he laughed.

“Haven’t heard that one before,” he grinned.

“It’s a constant struggle really, being this white,” she said, making sure to layer on what was already obvious sarcasm.

“I can see that.”

As he got her change out of the register, she looked more closely at him. He was kind of cute, actually. Medium height, with tawny brown bed-hair and a decent layer of stubble.

Definitely too white to be working at a sushi shop.


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